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Special Panel on Challenges and Opportunities for AI and Fun: Industry Perspectives


  • Arnav Jhala, NCSU : Moving Beyond Genre-specific Camera Control : slides and movies (zip)
  • David Thue, U. of Alberta : Learning Player Preferences for Fun Interactive Stories : slides (pdf)
  • Jeff Orkin, MIT Media Lab : Acquiring and Generating Fun in the Petabyte Age : slides (ppt)
  • Arno Hartholt : Creating Gunslinger, By Far the World's Most Fun Mixed-Reality, Multi-Agent, Story-Driven, Interactive Experience : slides (pptx)
  • Mary Lou Maher, U. Sydney : Curious Characters in Multiuser Games: A Study in Motivated Reinforcement Learning for Creative Behavior Policies : slides (pptx)
  • Stephanie August, Loyola Marymount U. : Co-opting Games and Social Media for Education : slides (ppt)
  • Paolo Burelli, ITU Copenhagen : Experience-Driven Procedural Content Generation : slides (pdf)
  • Brian Magerko, Georgia Tech : Having Fun Studying Fun: Research in Improvisational Acting : slides (pdf)
  • Marc Cavazza, U. Tesside : The Holodeck: but is it Fun? : slides (pptx)